About us

Welcome to RoughGate

Roughgate is a Trade Consultant that provides expert knowledge in open source software, encryption, export control, classification of goods, software and hardware (HTS and ECCN), export licenses, EU & US regulations and free trade analysis.

My mission as a Global Trade Compliance Advisor is to reduce your cost in software design, make your export more profitable and in addition help your company to comply with international trade regulations.

As your “just-in-time” consultant and advisor we will make your company more competitive.

Ingemar is a Certified Export Control Manager at Stockholm Chamber of Commerce and also a specialist in Product Classification and Free Trade Agreements.  

Ingemar is also a Software and Open source evaluation specialist with many years of experience.                                         

Ingemar has a worldwide network and is also an active member of several international trade groups.

With Ingemar Johansson’s experience & skills and his network you can be confident that your international undertaking in e.g. EU, US, China, India and the Middle East will run smoothly, if you desire to let RoughGate help you.