EU’s Free Trade Agreement

EU’s Free Trade Agreements

Preferential Trade Agreements
The European Union has concluded trade agreements with certain non-EU countries that allow exports from the EU to enter the markets of these countries at a reduced or nil rate of duty. They also allow imports from these countries into the EU at a reduced or nil rate of duty. These agreements are known as preferential trade agreements and the duties involved are referred to as preferential rates of duty.  A EUR1-or EUR-MED form provides evidence of certificate of origin.


The countries are:
Albania Algeria  Bosnia Herzegovina Chile  Croatia  Egypt Faroe Islands
Iceland Israel  Jordan  Lebanon  Liechtenstein Macedonia  Mexico  
Montenegro  Morocco  Norway    Serbia  South Africa  Switzerland Syria 
Tanzania  Tunisia West Bank/Gaza Strip        


Customs Union with Turkey
The Customs Union enables goods which are in free circulation in the EU to be regarded as being in free circulation within Turkey, and vice-versa. An accompanying A.TR certificate provides evidence of free circulation status.

Generalized System of Preferences for Developing Countries (GSP)
The EU operates generalized tariff preferences for certain specified agricultural, industrial and textile goods, which originate in one or more of 174 developing countries.

The Cotonou agreement (replaced the Lome Convention)