Open source

Why open source:

  • Cost reduction

Total software costs can be reduced significantly by the use of open source. The license costs are eliminated.

  • Shorter time to market

Open source and software reuse will reduce the software development time and shorter the lead time to market.

  • Flexibilty

Open source licenses, puts no restrictions on the use and distribution of software and the users have access to the source code.

  • Innovation

The developers and organizations operating in the open source environment stand out for their high agility and readiness to innovate. Open source communities that have achieved a critical mass can by all means stand comparison with the development departments of commercial manufacturers – or even beat them in terms of response time and innovation. 

  • Quality

Disclosure of the source code creates enormous quality pressure on every developer in the Open Source Community.

  • Avoiding lock-in to one supplier

The very basis of Open Source software is an openness that ensures interaction between products and makes it impossible for one player to lock customers to their products by concealing the source code.


Risks with Open Source Software:

  • Copyright Compliance – legal risks!
  • Patent risks – Open source software should be screened before use and/or distribution!
  • Can you incorporate the open source product in your proprietary system according to its license without making your own code freely available?
  • Frequent Updates!
  • Backwards compatibility?
  • Will the software stay open?
  • Support?
  • Security risks?
  • No open source community – dead software!
  • No warranty of any kind!
  • Open Source intelligence?



Copyleft Licenses

  • The GNU General Public License (GPL)
  • The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL)
  • The European Union Public License (EUPL)
  • MPL  License
  • Eclipse Public License

Strong Copyleft Licenses

  • Sleepycat Public License

Non-Copyleft Licenses

  • Apache License 2.0
  • MIT License
  • CPL License
  • EPL License
  • BSD License

Dual licensing

  • Open Source- and Proprietary licenses for one product